5 Benefits of Art Education for Kids

Over the past decades, it has been observed how some movements in the public education sector even the government advocate to cut funding for arts to be in the curriculum. But if you take time to scroll upon data available in the internet or in the libraries, you’d be surprised on how essential the impact of arts is in our lives.

Thus, gave birth to the existence of private preschools in Singapore and across the world to continue to advocacy of bringing back arts in education teaching life through arts to young children. These people believe that art is naturally fun for kids and owns several benefits that crucial for the learning and development of human beings as they venture into being adults:

  1. Creativity

Beyond numbers and scientific methods, arts allow kids to express themselves without following rules and just by how they feel like doing it. A preschool in Singapore initially devoted an hour everyday to enhance the creativity of their students by letting them recite a monologue in different ways, create a painting that represents a memory or compose lyrics and rhythms. Once a child learned how to think creatively, thinking that way will be natural to them and will be helpful in the path they’ll be pursuing.

  1. Confidence

Just like how a professor knows that he’s good at a certain subject matter give him the confidence, so as with the students learning life through art. Through experiencing the stage fright when tasked to lead the singing of the national anthem on a Monday morning, they grow to be more confident than others because they have the chance to step on their comfort zones. They are more likely to be sensitive of their weaknesses and strengths and be able to improve them along the way as well as not be afraid of taking risks in the future.

  1. Visual Learning

This will be one of the most beneficial trait they are getting through being educated with arts. Knowing the world is a tough one, but what makes them different is that they get to know the world and its way not only through text and numbers but with paintings, colors and shapes. Art education does not limit them to know the surface but dig deeper by teaching them how to interpret, criticize and come up with the best choices there is by using visual information.

  1. Decision Making

Arts have the capability to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills someone has. It always makes you question the way you’ll be able to express yourself with the resources and skills you have. This trait enables people to carry over decisions wisely that will definitely make future situations and other aspects of life that requires decision making to come handy.

  1. Perseverance

Learning art can be as challenging as learning how to solve a mathematical equation. Learning and mastering a certain instrument can really bring raging seas making you feel so drowned and just wanted to quit. But, arts always give off the promise that once you try and practice harder, results will come as promising as it is. That mindset sets you off from the rest because it is what art teaches, when it gets hard, try harder.