5 Suitable Job Roles for Women

Gone are the days when the only thing women were allowed to do was manage the household and raise children. People are breaking the shackles of conventional thinking and giving freedom to women to have an ambition and make a career for themselves. Seeing the modern trends, there is absolutely no such industry that has not been touched by women. From handling operations and managing the workforce to doing the laborious work, women have been acing all fields and are providing utmost valuable contribution.

Whether you apply for Siemens career, Wipro careers or any other job vacancy, it’s common to find a plenty of women applicants. Here are top 5 job roles that are highly suitable for women:

  1. Event Planner– Seeing the conventional times, women have been given the responsibility to execute all the tasks involved in a household. It is in their DNA to be creative and efficient. Therefore, the number of female event planners is much more as compared to male event planners because no one carries out more effective planning of events like they do.
  2. Market Research Analyst– The market research analyst job is involved with huge amounts of data and its proper analysis. This job is one of the most sought-after jobsand also pays very well. The skill that is required for this job is concentration and persistence, which is visible more in women as compared to men. Surveys have shown that the accuracy of the report prepared by women on the market research analysis is much more as compared to the report prepared by men.
  3. Therapist– This is a line of profession that is expected to increase at a good rate by the year 2022. Most of the people in this line are female candidates and we are not surprised by it. The reason is that women can connect to emotions and sensitivity in a much faster way than men. They are patient and good listeners who are driven by emotions and so they are better at comprehending how the others feel. But that does not negate the fact that women are rational beings. They can thus understand the feelings and provide rational solutions also.
  4. Education Administrator– Women have an innate knack for teaching. Being emotionally sensitive, they are able to communicate their thoughts and ideas to others in a much better way as compared to men. Thus, teaching and other roles involving education is held very prominently by the women.
  5. Public Relations: Even in terms of communication, women defeat men. They are able to communicate and express in a far better manner than men. They understand the situation, pros and cons of each activity and are able to process information really fast and use it to their advantage.