5 Things I Have to Share with Undergraduates

There are thousands of student blogs with their personal tips and experience. Some just express their feelings this way relieving from stress and pressure. Some students share their impressions to stand out among others or just to become noticed. The tips I’ve gathered for you in this concise article involve my own college experience and relevant data. There are 5 things I consider the most important for undergraduates to succeed and survive their college or university years.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Is stress as bad for our health as the majority of scientists claim? Perhaps, it’s an inevitable outcome when you face strong anxiety each day. Yet a new study suggests that the short-term stress can boost the performance level being absolutely harmless for our health. When a person works under this moderate pressure and handles it without panic, he or she can achieve the state of “emotional intelligence”. This is the first thing a student needs because ability to cope with pressure showing good performance is highly estimated by professors. Infographic below demonstrates how emotional intelligence or EQ helps employees become top performers at their job. Thus, students can also succeed restraining themselves from panicking and overreacting.

Credit: talentsmart.com

  1. Special e-learning tools

When I was a student (FYI, in this era actually), I always lacked some tools that could help me fulfill a variety of tasks faster. I questioned the quality of various services because their main goal was more to sell than to help a student survive. However, by the end of the fourth year I had a word-of-mouth list of “the most helpful tools” received from my groupmates. Here are some of them that still win the trust of many freshmen.

If you need free proofreading help, this tool can become your best choice. I still use it to have an extra check-up. I like the way Grammarly separates critical mistakes and advanced issues. Also, the tool has been upgraded a lot during these two years and it takes less than a few seconds to get a report on your document.

I still use this tool to study French. The method of creating your sets of terms, definitions and then practicing them through many tests works good for both short-term and long-term memory. I like more mobile app than desktop version because I can learn the material on the go.

It is another tool I frequently used at college receiving a task for another essay. The service is a sort of a database where students share their works to help others find a sample on a particular topic. This way you are inspired and get the idea how to structure information and how other students deliver their arguments. Besides, having a sample, you can write citations and reference list faster.

  • ExpertAssignmentHelp

This is last saviour in my college days when students had to get their solutions prepared and reviewed from assignment experts. It was popularly used by my friends who seeked professional assignment help from experienced PhD writers. Each solution is prepared from scratch based on the custom requirements shared by my friends by filling a simple form on their website. University students frequently use their service to get their solutions proofread and make sure their solution is free from plagiarism. The free Turnitin plagiarism report helps students with peace of mind after they have submitted their solutions. School and college students use their essay writing service to buy custom written essays for their school and college submissions. Many students have benefited from this online tool through the quality solutions delivered to them, which has helped them to get better grades.

  1. Hobbies or “eustress”

You may lack time for a hobby but even psychologists say it has the same importance for your mental and physical health as exercising. A 2015 survey showed that people who involved hobbies in their daily activities managed to decrease stress and agitation. Students who suffer from these issues during their studying, especially exams, need hobbies as a part of eustress (the healthy and positive type of stress). It can make their lives easier. Eustress also helps fight against chronic fatigue and other problems provoked by prolonged stressful events.

  1. Planning and sticking to each point

Sure, you can choose any of planning tools like Todoist, Trello, Any.do etc. but if you do not stick to each point of your To-do list, any tool will be useless. Students must realize that the secret of efficient planning is never give up to any excuses. For instance, “I have no time for this task today or I am too tired to move on”. Besides, it’s important to make real plans you’ll be able to fulfill in 8-10 hours. Evaluate your potential and when making a plan, remind yourself that you are not Julius Caesar.

  1. Control your bad habits

Did you know that 13.9 percent of high school students suffer from obesity and 60 percent of college students aged 18-22 have confirmed drinking alcohol in one month period? There are many reasons why such bad habits as overeating or smoking are formed in this particular group of people. Hence, students who want to find a job without any provoking Facebook posts, should control their bad habits.

Students deal with pressure in their own way. I had friends who released stress going to parties, playing video games or working out at the gym. Yet I think these activities are good to relax from college but you need something more to control the whole situation. That is why I recommend using these five tips based on my own experience and insights from different researches. I hope it helps you feel in charge of your college life and exceed expectations of others.