Are two documents similar? How to check?

Did you know that there is an efficient and free way to check similarity between two documents? If you are trying hard to produce unique content and wish to compare two or more papers together – a similarity checker is just what you need. Plagramme is a free online site where you can upload and check your papers for plagiarism and similarity. It’s very cool and let us tell you more about how the similarity check works.

First off, go to their website and sign up by creating an account. The creation process lasts around 10-20 seconds if you use social media to create your account or less than 3-4 minutes if you choose to do it the old-fashioned way – via email. Once you’re set up, get ready to check. Upload whatever content you may need to check:

  • an article
  • an essay
  • a thesis
  • a dissertation
  • any kind of document

After uploading, start the check. Plagramme is going to get the job done in more than a handful of languages. The software is able to recognize more than 100 languages, can you imagine?

So, once you get the results from the check, the report will contain your similarity score. What is the similarity score? Well it shows how similar the file which you uploaded is, to something else on the database. If it is similar to an article posted on a local newspaper in the state of Delaware 25 months ago, Plagramme will most definitely nail it down. The same goes for what you publish on your own blogs etc. In short, if there are similarities – Plagramme will definitely show it.

Keen to try out the similarity checker? Follow the link!