Benefits of Private Home Tutoring

There has been a never-ending debate about the pros and cons of private home tutoring and whether or not it is better than the conventional schooling. These two sides often get to a stalemate, and the decision is almost always based on personal preferences and underlying circumstances.

However, in my own opinion. The benefits of private home tutoring outweigh the pros of conventional schooling and obviously, it does outweigh the cons of private home tutoring as well. I mean just about anything out there has its own set of good and bad – nothing is perfect.

Well, let us dive right in and see some of these benefits of private home tutoring…

  • Extra Attention.

This is a very significant benefit of private home tutoring. Most students in a classroom set up often get complete a whole lesson with less than 50% concentration levels. This, however, is almost impossible in a private tutoring set up. The tutor often focuses on the student and it becomes more of a one-to-one conversation. With this method, it is unlikely to be distracted. This ensures proper understanding, improved performance thereafter. Some people often term this as an unfair advantage.

  • Boosts Confidence.

This is obviously somewhat unexpected. But in reality, it comes out as one of the most common benefits of private home tutoring. The reasons behind this kind of bolstered confidence vary from student to student. For students who often have a hard time forging relationships with other peers, this may just be the right choice. Private home tutoring is appropriate for slow learners as well who require one-on-one kind of help. In my own perspective, I think the confidence boost often comes from the intellectual conversations the student has with the tutor. This automatically uplifts their self-esteem.

  • Helps in bridging gaps.

Let’s face it. No so many students are willing to ask every question they need to ask in class to seek clarification. Why? Truth is some are scared, some are just not willing to raise their hands and some of the teachers are also not willing to answer all questions each student needs to ask. The answer to this mess is private home tutoring. In this setup, the student feels connected to a single tutor who gives them close to 100% concentration. Why would you not ask a question? My bet is the student will ask any question and will receive a detailed explanation as well. Boom! The gap is definitely gone.

  • Provides Customized learning.

According to a TEDx Talk, I watched a few months ago on how the brain works, it became evident to me that we are all different yet the same. How is this important, let us focus on the part that says we are all different – mentally. The whole idea of you need a certain no of hours to master a certain skill is misled, the idea of having a strict pattern of delivering information to different people and expecting the same results from them is also misled. Why? Because we are all different. Everyone needs a customized learning experience. Those who perform in the conventional set up are just lucky that the system adopted their ideal “customized” system. So what happens to the rest of us? Private home tutoring seems like the ideal medicine.

As though this article seems to unbiasedly encourage private home tutoring. I think it a choice that is fit for everyone out there but not necessary for all.