Caring for newborn with pretend play

Pretend play is adored by all little kids. Thus, depending on what the child is interested in, having the right toys not only makes it more exciting for them, but it’s more fun. With various toys available, you’ll be able to grant them what they want to they will spend more time enjoying themselves.

Since we have another baby joining our family, it’s time to prepare Marion who is two years old for the significant changes that she’s bound to experience. Therefore, I set up an exciting activity that would help her care for the newborn with pretend play as a technique.

Marion is already passionate about the arrival of the new baby and can’t wait to be the big sister; she has begun making plans for her!

Washing the newborn baby

I bought a big plastic doll with moving parts and gathered some other items, for instance; soap, water, basin, towel and wash clothes that might be useful during the given pretend playtime. Also, I ensured that I gave her chance to role play and clean, feed, and put the baby to sleep.

She got so excited thinking about using the newborn baby soap and began to trip off the baby dolls clothing at once. Also, it was an excellent opportunity for her to test the skills she had in removing different pieces of clothes.

After that, Marion washed the baby for long, and this was incredibly pleasant. While she was bathing the baby, we kept on discussing the benefits of keeping our bodies clean and wiping all parts of the body after bathing. This was an excellent chance to grow her descriptive language skills.

Dressing the newborn baby

Once the baby was clean and dried using a towel, she used some baby oil to apply on the baby’s face and body, and later it was time for her to put back the clothes on.

However, dressing a newborn baby was quite a challenge, and she almost got confused about which clothes to start with first. This then was an excellent opportunity to learn to be patient as well as asking for assistance.

Since we had purchased many other pretend babies, we decided to try dressing them up to help her gain more experience.

Feeding the baby

Once the baby was dressed up and warm, it was time to feed her. We used a bowl with baby food inside and a feeding spoon. We also ensured that the food was at the right temperature for the baby.

Marion was then able to feed the newborn baby amidst many challenges. She ended up spilling most of the food. However, she repeated feeding the baby again to ensure that she was satisfied.

Putting the baby to bed.

After the baby was full, it was already time to take a nap. Marion put the baby to bed and ensured that she used some of the few types of bedding I had purchased to keep the baby warm.

Also, she stayed close to her to pick her up when she woke up.