Challenges with RFID Attendance for School and Why Pen Paper Way Can’t be Replaced

What is RFID school system for attendance? This wireless RFID based automatically offers a total student attendance monitoring solution. The student carries an RFID based I-Card during the day. This card is shown to the device and the reader identifies the student.

Manage students coming and going

This system not only can show parents that their student arrived on or has left the school premises. This can also register student attendance. This RFID attendance system is a plug and play device that is a cloud based portable student attendance system and there is no further need for internet, computers or LAN wiring is no longer needed.

Records on attendance

RFID attendance system for schools generates automatically multiple reports and allows schools to accurately monitor student’s attendance. RFID attendance system has improved student attendance and reduces the time and costs that is involved in monitoring and recording details.

School Pixa

School Pixa based in India is the leading manufacturer/supplier of wireless RFID smart card based student management systems for attendance. There is a recent update that shows that students that are absent are being beeped in at being in attendance when they are not.

Anytime students aren’t in school but counted as being in is that much more time their education is hurt.

Use in United States

This type system is being used in a few school districts in the United States. School systems in the US get government funding based on the attendance for one month. When there is money attached there is reason for rigging this system to give incorrect higher attendance figures.

Effects on health?

RFID systems also emit electromagnetic radiation so this is leading to questions about whether the health of might be affected. This is especially a concern where the reading devices are prevalent. RFID technology also has the potential for abused by criminals and the government against children and their families. And I believe it is probable that more illegal uses will grow when and if this RFID technology becomes more prevalent especially in the United States. Until schools provide due process as well as protections of civil rights, it is safe to assume the worst about RFID systems in schools.

Abuse in attendance

They can also mark a student as in school when they aren’t. It is important that students go to class and this system just leaves too many ways for abuse in attendance.