Easy tips to crack Multiple choice in PTE Academic

PTE Academic, the exam used to measure your English skill for immigration purposes, has four sections – one for each language skill – speaking, writing, reading and listening.

While all sections are important, what people find the most challenging is the reading section. In the reading section, the most difficult question type is the Multiple choice single answer. To know a little more about this, check out Sure Way English’s PTE Multiple choice single answer study guide.

In this question, you will read a text and then based on that answer a question. Out of the several options given to you, one will be correct.

Here are some easy tips to crack this:

  1. Read the question first

Don’t read the text first. Don’t read the options first. Immediately you should go to the question. Understanding the question will help you to understand the theme and the purpose of the text.

  1. Read the options before reading the passage

Next step is to read the given options. Once you know the options you will know what to look for in the text. It will help you to focus your attention on the right part in the text.

  1. Then quickly skim or scan the text

Once you know the options, the next task is to read the text and look for information related to the options. Once you match a few words in the text with the options, then you know probably that part of the text contains the answer to the question. Read the options again and compare them properly against the information in the text.

  1. Read all options one by one

You should not be in a hurry. Read all options one by one. That is the only way you can be sure of not making any silly mistakes.

  1. Read the options fully

Sometimes test takers read only a part of an option and jump to conclusion. But you cannot be hundred percent sure, till you read the full option. Often, the end of the option can change the meaning.

Follow these easy tips and you will have a relatively easy time answering PTE multiple choice, single answer questions.