Give your child Adequate Guidance to learn English

English was spoken first in early medieval England. This language is a West Germanic language which became the global language as the medium of conversation and business. English is the second most spoken language in India by total speakers (125,344,736).

Learning English is one of the most important things today. Since it is the global language, people prefer to use this language for conversation and business. Kids nowadays read comics and fairy tales and how Superman saved the world. It is a primary step to learn English.

Apart from this, kids should be exposed to other English books so that they can learn English more.

In this article, you are going to come across some reasons why you should make your kid read from a variety of sources.

  • Reading a variety of books helps your child to flourish. Books like autobiographies and biographies are a great source of information. Reading such books will not only enrich your child’s vision but also will help your child to stay motivated. Reading the biography of Mahatma Gandhi, about how he fought for the independence or books of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs about how they brought technological revolutions helps to broaden your kid’s horizon and shapes their thinking as they grow up.
  • Fiction books of Roald Dahl are a great source to start stimulation of your child’s brain. Roald Dahl uses extensive and descriptive vocabulary which takes your child to some another dimension. The books like Charlie and the chocolate factory help to increase the vocabulary and also enhances the reading skills of your child.
  • Reading books from a variety of sources helps to increase your child’s imagination and creative powers. Comics and fairy tales can help your child, but we should not stop them from exploring various other informative books just because of their age. Make your child read books of Slavery or Poverty. Make them learn about the poverty in the African continents. It helps them to realize how lucky they are and the condition of the world around them.
  • Reading is also a healthy habit. Apart from letting them watch movies or play mobile games, make them read more. The more your child learns, the more information they get and more their vision gets broadened.

These are some of the easiest methods to learn English. Make your child read more and help them with every information that you can because they are the upcoming generation and our world is dependent upon them.