How is education different around the world?

Studying in United States v. Foreign Countries

While children everywhere experience certain similarities regarding their education, there are many differences between children in America compared to other children across the world. Here are a number of differences between expectations in the United States and other students. These differences can be better or worse.

One major difference is the amount of time students spend studying and the amount of homework. Children in the United States typically get approximately 6.1 hours of homework every week yet the education system is ranked 17th based on the 2014 Pearson review. In contrast, South Korea, whose education system on the same scale is ranked number 1, only give their children 2.9 hours of homework every week.

One reason that students in South Korea do better, though, may have to do with the expected ambition of the students despite giving out less homework. Students in America put importance on homework, but they also put a large amount of importance on sports, socialization, and recreation. In many other countries, such as India and China, the students put much more emphasis exclusively on their studies. Depending on the person, this can be considered a good or a bad thing. On one hand, Americans may have a more balanced education, better social skills, and less stress. On the other hand, they may not have the same mathematics and science skills.

The amount of money spent on education is another huge discrepancy between America and other countries. America spends the most compared to the other countries. For example, America spends 1.5 times more on education compared to South Korea, 2 times more than Russia, and 1.2 times more than Japan. The amount spent on education does not seem to directly correlate to the quality of the education system.

Another difference is the weight put on certain tests. In certain classes in Russia, a single test can determine 90 – 100% of one grade. Tests are also often taken orally via a conversation with the teacher.

Schools and education are different all over the world. It is impossible to determine what exactly creates the best education system, but we can see that a cultural devotion to education and not homework or finances help create the best systems.

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