How to use Spanish Flashcards – and why you should

How many of us have wanted a second language such as Spanish, but have given up under a litany of excuses? In this article we’ll show you not the just best way – use Spanish flashcards – but also WHY you should.

Why have your previous attempts at learning a language like Spanish failed?

Despite numerous excuses, most people don’t succeed at learning languages from only a handful of reasons :-

  • They don’t enjoy the learning method used
  • They don’t feel they are progressing
  • They are trying to learn using a method that doesn’t work for them

Now, let’s take those three ‘reasons’ and show you that if you use Spanish flashcards, those three barriers will be broken down.


Let’s cast our minds back to our schooldays for a moment, and consider – which lessons did we do best in?

Generally, it’s the lessons and subjects we enjoyed and were interested in, so it’s vital for a lesson learning method such as using Spanish flashcards needs to engaging, interesting and fun.


Perhaops the biggest challenge to learning is the feeling of not making progress, which leads to disinterest, and then finally giving up hope.

However, one of the first feelings you will not when you use Spanish flashcards is the instant feedback gives you motivation.

  • If you get the answer correct, you know straight away and it compels you build up your language vocabulary by using game theory.
  • If you get the answer wrong, you will be shown the correct answer, which leads to both learning and ‘wanting another go’ later – which you’re more likely to get correct, thus building motivation and competitive spirit.

A method that works for everybody

When you use Spanish flashcards, you will note that the simpliciy instantly appeals to everyone – young and old.

By leaning as well as having fun, you are far more likely to stay motivated, keep learning and build up your language skills in no time at all.

How to use Spanish flashcards

Honestly, the method could not be simpler – and we all know the easy ways to learn are the best, right?

To use Spanish flashcards, simply choose a deck of vocabulary (words) that you would like to learn. Each card has two sides, one with the home language (e.g. English) and the reverse has the learning language (e.g. Spanish).

To test on your own, hold the English side up and try to guess to word or vocabulary in the learning language.

If correct, move on to the next card, or if incorrect place into a ‘try again’ pile. Once you have worked through the orginal deck (correct) then move onto the second deck to try again the cards that you were incorrect with.

Can anyone use Spanish flashcards?

Of course – if you’re old enough to read and speak, then you’re old enough to use Spanish flashcards.

In fact, Spanish flashcards have proved extremely successful in learning languages amongst children and young adults. As well as being fun, they can be used anywhere without specialist equipment (e.g. headphones, audio playing systems, or computers)

Spanish flashcards can be organised into subjects/decks such as :-

  • colours
  • actions
  • shapes
  • alphabet
  • numbers

In addition to Spanish, numerous other languages are available as flashcards such as :

  • French
  • Arabic
  • German
  • English

Finally, if the flashcards are wipeable, it can also help children and adults learn faster as they can write their own notes on the cards to assist learning and remembering.