How to write a resume as a firefighter?

In the work life, the resume is the first impression of yours. A single sheet of paper explains your entire self. You need to make sure that the resume is interesting, to the point and show the interviewer your capabilities for that particular job. If you are applying for a firefighter’s job, there may be some agencies who don’t accept the resume. You just need to file the application and give the test for the job. While some agency does allow the resume and it is the best way to make your spot in the job. You need to write and describe yourself correctly for your emergency resume.


No matter what post you apply for, the layout and formatting are one of the essential elements of resume making. Your resume should be created in an easy to read, well-formatted structure. Use the chronological template for your firefighter resume. Make sure you list all your skills or some best moments at first place.

Using Calibri fonts for the body and Georgia fonts for the headings will be ideal for content. These fonts are best suited for your emergency resume.

Resume Aim and Objective

Many people copy the statement in the objective field. But, your resume objective is the first section that is seen. Make sure you got all the things that define you in this section. Mention your experience in the objective line, and also state the main soft skills you have right there. However, you don’t write a long paragraph in this section, make it short and straightforward.

Work Experience

If you have some work experience, mention it in a perfect manner. If you don’t have any work experience in this field and then you volunteer for it. Mention all the skills and efforts you applied in your last job.

Mention it in a bullet list. Don’t just write the usual things like “an experienced worker” and so on. State your present job in the first place and then all the other positions you worked for.


Mention all the skills you have as a firefighter. For instance, instead of writing, “vehicle maintenance” try writing “decreased the vehicle malfunctions by leading in vehicle maintenance team.” In the same way, write all the skills in a sentence. Make sure you mention your physical abilities in this section as a firefighter’s job is all about physical fitness.


While making emergency resumes, You don’t need to attach a list of all the certificates. Attach the necessary certificates such as EMT, Firefighter 1 Certificate, Paramedic, Firefighter 1 Academy. If you have a huge number of certificates, you shouldn’t list all the certificates. It doesn’t mean that you should stop doing all the extra activities you do for the certificates. Neither you, not the interviewer will have enough time to check all the certificates and then discuss on them. So you should just avoid listing all of them.

Number of Pages

Many people have a problem here that how many pages a resume should have. Typical the resume should consist of 1 or 2 pages. A resume is just the summary of all the work you have done in your entire life. You should mention all the possible skills and activities in maximum two pages. Keep it short and sweet. If you are not experienced, you should go for one-page resume format. You may have enough skills or certifications to fill up the second page but don’t fill it up unnecessarily.

Entry level resumes are not given more amount of time for checking, and You should sum up all your skills and every single little but important detail in just one page. You can use some one-page template for the creation of your resume.

The key points to remember while making a resume is to keep it short and simple. The format should be easy to read and attractive. After all, it is for the job of a firefighter, one mistake and you are gone. So don’t make any error in your resume. List all the skills you have which are essential for the firefighting job. If you have experience in the field, write it first and elaborate it.