Important Tips of Descriptive Essay

Writing is an onerous task for most students; most students are not comfortable developing their writing skills. But no student can grow academically without good writing skills.  This is because they will get tons of writing assignment during their academic years.  Furthermore, the descriptive essay is one of the writing that needs good research and excellent writing skills. This is the kind of essay that will require the student to describe things, objects or human or narrate a story. This can be tough sometimes because they may not be familiar with this form of writing. There are basic elements and rules you need to follow when writing a descriptive essay.

Below are the various steps you can follow to write a descriptive essay:

The Basic elements of a descriptive essay

A descriptive essay is a form of essay that writes a full detail about something and events. The purpose is to create a detailed guide on a subject or product, so that the reader may think they are experiencing it in firsthand. In other to do this, you will need the various elements of the descriptive essay.

Function of Essay

You need to describe the topic or subject of the descriptive essay. This type of essay brings into play the great command of language and conveys the detail of the topic to the reader. In this kind of essays, the writer has the freedom to bring observation about a person, event and express it on paper. The reader should be experiencing the reality of what you are describing by going through your essay, like visiting a particular place or writing about something like

Know What You Want To Describe

Writing a descriptive essay start with what you want to describe, you need to reflect on what you want to discuss about. You have to be clear about the topic you want to write about in the essay. Think thoroughly about the person, object or place you want to write about in the essay. The topic must be meaningful and understandable. Once you come up with the topic to write about you will need to research every detail connected to the topic. This is a major step in writing this type of essay because you need information to describe the topic effectively.

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Give an example or paint a picture

One of the important steps in writing this type of essay is making the idea or topic clear to them as much as possible. Because this kind of essay concentrates on a person, event, and places, the writer must paint a picture for the reader for them to think in line and experience the same thing the writer is writing about. The thesis statement is a good part of the essay that allows you to paint the picture to your reader.

Five Senses

In order to describe a topic, you need to understand five senses which are the smell, touch sight, sound, and taste. Even if the topic you are writing about can’t be described this five senses; try and be a little creative and look for a way to incorporate them into the essay. These five senses are important in writing a descriptive essay because it allows the writer to explain all he can to make the reader visualize. This is a showing type of essay rather than writing. Just make sure the essay will be easy to imagine.


The essay will be easy to read only if they are well organized. And good descriptive essays follow a simple structure like any regular essay. This includes the introduction that is combined with the thesis statement, followed by the body of the essay which describes and paint a picture of a place or event to them. And the concluding paragraph will summarize everything about the topic.


Your essay will not be a complete piece unless you read through and send it to other people to help also. Review allows you to spot grammatical errors or mixed ideas in your essay. And it will also enable you to know if you have painted a vivid picture of what you are describing.