Microsoft Project is a One-Stop Solution for all Project Assignments

Project management software, MS Project is a favorite among all project managers. It provides a new world of project management interface that aids managers to allocate resources and track assignments.

Since MS Project assists IT workers to meet deadlines and deliver projects effectually, Microsoft is coming with the updated versions of this software more frequently. Their latest addition to the line is MS Project 2016 with numerous restructured features of the program.

Announced back in 2015, it is a big step forward for the Microsoft suites when compared to their MS Project 2013 version.

Features of Microsoft Project 2016:

  • Multiple timelines

The 2013 version of this programming added the timeline feature where project managers and their team members could track the development of a task. MS Project 2016 took it a step forward with the option to manage multiple projects at a time by displaying them in a timeline.

Thus, it enables project managers as well as line managers to segregate the phases in which all their projects perform. This allows them to set their target as per the demands of the assignments.

  • ‘Resource requests’&‘request engagements’

Line managers can approve and reject resource requests by project managers on Project 2016. While submitting the request, assignment directors mention all data objects and requirements explicitly. Hence, there is reliability and transparency in decision-making and resource management.

Therefore, managers don’t need any additional tools for managing any project resources anymore.

  • Heat maps

These are colored graphics that give a quick and easy overview of resource allocation. No matter how large the data volumes are and how many people are involved in the task, heat maps can provide a project outline with a click. Hence, MS Project 2016 enables managers to act and respond effectively in an emergency when it comes to resource planning.

  • ‘Tell me what you want to do’

It is a new entry to Project 2016’s menu bar. The feature streamlines searches in the Microsoft interface for its users. Thus, by finding rarely used functions, it saves the time of managers and directors.

With so many new features, learning Project 2016 will enable you to work more efficiently on projects. As a matter of fact, employers now often seek for candidates holding MS Project certification. It validates their expertise in Microsoft tools and functioning.

Benefits of a Project 2016 course

Applying for a Microsoft Project 2016 course can help professionals to get jobs with higher designation and enhanced salary packages.

  • Charts are an essential project presentation element that every project managers need. Hence, professionals who are learning MS Project 2016 will be able to build tables and charts referring to any data that team members can rely on conclusively.
  • The ability to organised resources from one platform will only enhance the fact that how professional you are at handling and completing your job.
  • Project 2016 promotes flexibility in working as project heads can share their work progress and other essential information with their clients.

Thus, learning and applying Microsoft Project interface in your work is a great way to establish oneself as an effective team leader in any project!