Professional Development for an Executive Assistant

We all have lovely CVs. My CV was designed specifically for me when I was in the process of finding my first job. It was sent to a number of companies in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. I had quite a few interviews until, finally, I landed my first job.

It was my dream job which I enjoyed very much. My colleagues were great and the company was generous and looked after their staff. However after eight years and many promotions, I found my role was not challenging but just mundane; my enthusiasm was waning.

So, I reflected on what I have achieved and set myself new goals in order to further my career. My present role was a senior PA. My goal was to be an Executive Assistant in Amsterdam. I knew I had to update my skills in order to achieve this goal so I gave myself one year to attain the necessary skills.

Further research of the job market showed that the ordinary PA or secretarial skills were not the prime requirement for these roles although they are the foundation of roles in the office environment. Today’s employer demands some qualification in the role. This qualification should be by an accredited body.

My research opened lots of other roles at which I can aim my objectives. These fields sounded interesting and challenging and, most important, the pay was excellent. All of the roles had English Language as the working language, but although my English was good I still felt that I needed to gain training as an executive Assistant in English for my CV and job application credentials. I found EA Training in English in London. The qualification demonstrated that I could function in both Dutch and English speaking business environments. This was key to getting myself a high paying EA job in Amsterdam.

Additionally, I chose to complete a Human Resources course at a beginner level. I found gives an in-depth knowledge and covers recruitment procedures, training, management relations, managing staff, appraisals and objectives and overview of Employment Law.

I also took a Project Management course gives an overview of key project management models and covers planning a project and the associated models, the soft skills required by a Project Manager, skills and experience of a good PM, as well as, managing time and resources constraints, case studies of real life project situation and how to deal with them.

Please see here if you would like to find out more about Executive Assistant Training in the Netherlands.