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In today’s world where opportunities are both plentiful and easily accessible to everyone across the globe, it creates a highly competitive environment. Students in all parts of the world strive to get into the most prestigious and coveted universities of the United States of America. With so many applicants applying to these universities, finding the right college and helping the students craft their applications in such a way that they are noticed and selected in the sea of applicants, is the need of the hour. This is where Solomon Admissions Consulting steps in!

Solomon Admissions Consulting was founded by Vitaly Borishan, a graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, and Georgetown University Law Centre. Having worked as a corporate attorney at two large law firms and his experience with few top institutions in the USA, exposed him to the need and necessity of creating a personal brand for the student and marketing it in the right way. He was also able to identify what differentiated a successfully selected candidate from an unsuccessful one. Today, Solomon Admissions Consulting is one of the largest admissions consulting firm in the USA.

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With the American Universities continuing to rule the leaderboard when it comes to graduate education, just good grades and good knowledge isn’t enough to get into one of them. The colleges today are looking for more story, more narrative and that too a compelling one. This helps these colleges and universities to improve the diversity in their incoming batches and helps to bring different kinds of experiences into their teaching and pedagogy to create a lasting impact on the students and the brand of the university. To enable the prospective students to be selected into one of these colleges, there has been a boom in the Education and Academic Consulting sector. What sets Solomon Admissions Consulting apart is our careful selection of admission consultants and counsellors who themselves have been gatekeepers at these top tier universities and understand what they look for and what can set the student apart from the rest that ultimately leads to their selection. Our services include personal statement assistance, supplemental essays assistance, mock interviews coaching, preparation of Letters of Recommendation, advising on the right choice of graduate school to name a few.

With our experience over the years, we have successfully got our students into over 104 colleges across the United States. Our mission is to match our students with the right college in terms of his/her interests, expectations and future career aspirations.

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The American Universities have the largest endowments and grants for education and research purposes. The upward trend in students wanting to pursue education in these colleges is going to remain the same or increase in the years to come. With our track record and expertise, we can aim to increase our number of students enrolled into elite universities of the USA. We aim to expand our services to all regions of the world and help students with all backgrounds and ethnicities to achieve their dreams of being selected into the elite American Universities.