Start Each Meeting By Entering All Participants and Presenters

When your employees are able to put a name and face together, they feel more involved in the work done and feel part of the team. Unlike ordinary phone calls at the conference call, when you can only hear the person speaking, when you are organizing a video conference, you are actually able to see the faces of the other participants. One of the benefits of seeing each other is that they help reduce the number of people who accidentally speak over each other or cannot identify who is talking at one point. As a result, meetings can go easier and keep attendees involved and actively contribute to the meeting through the video conference at Tenveo.

Join the participants

Engage participants by using screen sharing software. When organizing a virtual meeting, it’s easy for the participants to get out of the area and have fun with other things in their environment. This is often the result of the lack of visions that the participants may engage in during the meeting. Zoom assemblies allow you to easily share visuals from one participant to another meeting attendee to help provide visual references for everyone to use and maintain their attention throughout the encounter. When your meeting is saved, these annotations are also saved and available, making a note and documenting a breeze in a meeting. To know more about the video conferencing software seek help online.

End the presentation process

Allow more participants to easily present information during the meeting. When your participants are unable to easily interact and engage with each other, they can be discouraged and lose interest in attending the meeting. Many virtual meeting platforms make it difficult to switch from one presenter to another. This not only has frustrated the presenters, but it also makes it difficult to keep the attention of the participants during the meeting. Choosing a unified communications platform that allows presenters to share information easily, no matter what location, this problem is eliminated, the Tenveo video conference can do so.

Enter beyond the time zone

Make it easy for participants to join the meeting from any location they are currently in. With employees traveling, working from remote locations and having office locations in multiple cities, it is important for participants to be able to easily meet from multiple locations so they can participate not only at the meeting but also with other participants. Many platforms are only available on certain types of devices. The Tenveo meeting platform can be used simultaneously on a Window or Mac computer, as well as on a mobile device based on Android or Apple, without having to worry about problems with the interface between different devices.

Participate in the discussion

Make sure that participants are given the opportunity to provide feedback, to ask questions and to contribute to the discussion. A video conference facilitates viewing and receiving from another so that conversation feels more natural than a traditional conference call. Some video encounters tools allow participants to use screen sharing, but may be limited to the other tools they offer. In addition to screen sharing, Tenveo meetings allow participants to engage in chat, make annotations using a tabbed feature, share files, post questions for the presenter, and even save the meeting for later reference.

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