Teachers need to adapt to the New Techniques of Education

The recent change in the education system has sparked a debate amongst the teaching communities. The teachers were more comfortable with the traditional techniques, but in order to stay up to date with the current scenario, they have to adopt the new techniques. For example, in earlier times students were given more homework, but in the current times, they are made to do everything in the classroom, making it a bit difficult for a teacher to focus on what is to be done at the particular moment. Moreover, with the increasing demand for everything, teachers are not paid well enough in the primary and secondary levels of education.

What must be done by the teachers to ensure hassle-free teaching?

  • Design Thinking: Creative method of teaching and response to intervention is one of the solutions to the problem. Creating innovation among the students using brainstorming exercises, playing quizzes along with reading regular textbooks.
  • Self-learning: Being a teacher, knowing all the things that ought to be taught and the way to teach it, is a good way of playing it safe. If someone already knows about these things that he/she is about to teach, then it will be easy for the teacher to explain to the students, which also includes classroom management.
  • Gamification: Learning must be done in a way, that the students enjoy doing it. Learning in the form of playing games and quizzes is a fun way of learning. Creating online quiz games for students also makes it pretty interesting for a student to learn different topics.  Also having a positive behaviour system is implementing gamification for behaviour.
  • Social Media: Utilisation of social media inside a classroom can be a difficult job if not done in the proper way. However, doing so increases the involvement of each and every student in the classroom.
  • Spaced Learning: Teachers need to make sure that their students are interested in their teaching. If not, the teachers must think of ways of innovative to teach using social media, power point presentations, and gamification.
  • Pressure from parents: Parental engagement also needs to be taken care of by a teacher. Completing the syllabus has become of a major concern for the parents. This eventually results in teacher burnout, when coping up to the expectations becomes difficult.

Teaching altogether is a whole different profession from being a doctor or a lawyer. A teacher has to keep in mind the classroom participation of each and every student in the classroom, and needless to say it a pretty tough job.

But the job of teachers have been simplified to a certain extent with the introduction of many platforms and websites. The teachers need to enrol themselves on the website, and they can easily manage all the modules from one place. Let’s say there’s a parent-teacher meeting and one needs to present all the data in front of the parents, with the Reports module, reporting is easy and convenient and can be presented anywhere, and can be accessed just by signing in with the given password.