The new Wave of Digital Learning

The students and youth who are in schools and colleges have picked up a habit of studying only a day or two before the exam: it is not because of their busy schedule or their incapability to deal with so much in a limited period.

The idea of studying from online material has made things more comfortable on the one hand, but on the other hand, it has its demerits, which can affect you in numerous ways. The availability of all the course and syllabus books over the internet has made the students stop buying books. They rely more on the online series of lectures, videos, and tutorials available on different websites and learning applications.

The eminent author, whose books used to be in demand among the students is experiencing a downfall in the sale. The new teachers who are entering the market of education and teaching, know the latest trends and concepts. So most teachers work in collaboration with a well-known author, have started posting their videos online rather than publishing the books.

Why is online studying effective?

  • Students know the importance of extracurricular activities and hence give more time to it rather than attending classes. It is difficult for them to gather the notes at the time of the exam. In such situations, studying online is a great option.
  • Videos and explanations on the internet are easy to understand. In a video of a ¬†few minutes, you will get a summary of the chapter without any difficulty.
  • They are easily accessible, and you can find the classroom lectures of different teachers and opinions of the author on most of the social networking sites and numerous other platforms. All you have to do is type the subject and the topic which you want to study on the search bar, and you will get many results matching your search.

This wave of digital learning has brought numerous opportunities for new teachers who can build their reputation without investing any money. Benefiting both students and the teachers, the concept of eBook has been made available in some colleges too. Since books are inconvenient to carry around, most schools and colleges are now encouraging digital learning. Instead of asking the students to bring books, they are asked to carry a laptop so that they can access the study material which has been provided to them by the college. It is also convenient for the teachers because they can access reference material quickly.