Is there a shortcut to get good at science? The short answer is no. The various books that you refer, such as generic guides that contain a host of random questions, to books that advertise NCERT 9 science solutions content could probably help you to some extent. But it’s never enough if you want to ace science in school. So here are a few tips to help you be at the top of your class.

Making Notes

One of the most important but often underrated techniques is making notes. When you take something down, you are in fact, reinforcing the topics that your teacher just explained. Therefore, this would help you recall topics when you sit and study later.

Using Flowcharts and Diagrams

When you see an image with a text, you are able to recall and describe the image much more easily than the text. The same rule applies when you’re studying. Using flowcharts and diagrams to represent various cycles and processes becomes more effective than just reading it a big block of text. Also, using various colours for important parts of your notes may help you recall much easier than using a monochromatic scheme.

Ask Questions

Your NCERT 9 science solutions can probably answer most of the prescribed questions but what if you need to find out more? That’s why you need to ask questions in class. Your teachers are a walking encyclopaedia and you need to utilize them. Refraining from asking questions doesn’t help you nor anyone else as there is no dissemination of knowledge. So always keep asking. And besides, interactivity keeps everyone interested and engaged.

Using Music or White noise.

You like music when you study? Then go ahead listen, but listen to something that isn’t too distracting or loud. Research has shown that using music might improve your mental performance as your mind gets stimulated, and this is especially true for classical music that are quite soothing to hear, like classical compositions from Mozart and Beethoven. But if you don’t like listening to music, you could try listening to white noise. White noise effectively blocks out other distractions that might stop you from concentrating. Also, it is reported to have a very soothing and calming effect on the mind. This is especially important when you’re trying to study hard topics or memorize complex formulas. In conclusion, using these tips will definitely help you pick up your grades in science.

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