Ways to Motivate Students to Learn

In this technology oriented world, every student is keen to know the practical approach to everything. So when it comes to learning, students generally get bored of it as the practical approach is available for limited subjects. But there are some students who can inculcate the habit of learning easily irrespective of its difficulty level. It has always been observed that many students are there who just don’t seem to be interested in learning. Some of them appear lazy, others are disorganized and occasionally there is one who just seems completely apathetic. Sometimes even the best students have days when they are not motivated for classroom learning.

Here is a list of ways to motivate students to learn:

  1. Encouragement is the Key: Usually, students who seem to be lazy and disorganised are actually frustrated or discouraged that they are having trouble in learning. In this scenario, we should encourage them by saying ‘they can do the tasks easily and more efficiently’. These words can motivate them for believing in themselves. For an instance, there are many learning tasks such as memorizing the multiplication table or the list of facts or topics from physics such as ohm’s law, relativity are simply not interesting in themselves. In this case, go through the material again and try to establish a new method of memorizing the concepts and facts in a fun way. Motivate the students to compete against themselves.
  2. Have one-on-one Conversations: When you find any student facing severe problem in learning, then you should talk to them personally. Try to find out his struggles in learning, by asking questions. Ask him whether he is facing any problem with the teaching method and if so, then plan together and come up with a new teaching method as a solution.
  3. Motivate Students by Giving Rewards: Students love to get rewarded at least once in their whole school life. Now, this is the time you can motivate them by rewarding for their success. Tell your students that if everyone in class secures an 80% or higher on a test you will have a pizza party. Tell them if they succeed in completing the class novel or a difficult physics chapter then you will take them for a movie. Reward your students according to their respective personalities. Students look forward to even the simplest pleasures on an ordinary day.
  4. Make Learning Fun: It is not necessary that the entire time one has to do complicated activities to make learning fun. Just be passionate about what you are teaching and let that passion shine through. Try to add humor while teaching and tell relevant stories. Make them feel that you have faith in them. Students enjoy learning when they find it in a practical way.

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