What is B.Tech Engineering?

Got engineering on your mind? Wondering if the B.Tech degree is different from B.E.? Let us clear your doubts.

A degree in engineering is arguably the most popular one to pursue in India. With the kind of scope a career in engineering offers, it is indeed the most lucrative direction one can take as a student in this country.

Once you are sure you want to pursue an engineering course, a variety of options lie before you. What is the branch of engineering that interests you? Are you a software geek? Do you love automobiles or electronics? Are you driven by the desire to change the skyline of your city? Eventually, what should help you decide are your interests and passions.

Preparations for engineering studies often begin early, sometimes almost immediately after Class 10. It is natural to have questions and doubts. Two of the many questions include what exactly is B.Tech Engineering and is it different from the B.E. degree? Let’s discuss this.

What is a B.Tech Engineering degree?

  • A B.Tech degree or Bachelor of Technology is a degree awarded to a student after having completed four years of studies in one of the several engineering disciplines.
  • Among the several B.Tech courses include Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical Engineering etc.
  • The discipline you choose to specialise in will be the one in which you earn your B.Tech Engineering degree after the completion of the B.Tech course.
  • In India, while B.Tech Engineering and B.E. or Bachelor of Engineering refer to more or less the same degree, there could be a thin line of differentiation at times. While both are four-year graduate-level programmes, the very obvious difference is the name.
  • Are B.Tech courses very different from B.E. then? The slight difference is that B.Tech coursesemphasise on practical applicationsand are skill-oriented,while B.E. focusses on theory and fundamentals. The same can be understood from the names of the degree where Tech stands for Technology and the E in B.E. refers to just Engineering.
  • Hence, studying B.Tech courses and pursuing a B.Tech Engineering degree in the engineering discipline of your choice will help you be more technology-oriented.

Both degrees are highly valued and have similar career scope. The college that awards you your B.Tech Engineering or B.E. degree is important. A misconception here is that Government institutes offer B.Tech courses while private ones award B.E. degrees. There are ample examples of both kinds of institutes offering both degrees.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Like B.E. or any graduate programme, a B.Tech Engineering degree can be pursued after the completion of Class 10 + 2 in the Science stream. As a prospective candidate, your performance in the entrance tests makes you eligible for admission in the several institutes in the country that offer B.Tech courses.