What to look for in Portsmouth Student Accommodation

When you arrive in Portsmouth to look over the university and the campuses involved, you may want to consider the factors you will need for accommodation. At the top of your list should be factors like safety and security.

The student accommodation centres you choose need to have a safe environment where you can live in comfort and without fear. The digs must also have all the necessary extras you demand. Prices for student accommodation should be as all-inclusive.

At UniLife, a student accommodation business in Portsmouth and Southampton, there is one cost for your stay in the city and all other expected bills are already factored in. This means no nasty surprises when you think you might pay for electricity, water, gas, a TV license or the unlimited free Wi-Fi provided. The accommodation centres even have Netflix thrown in as a package already subscribed. 

Close to Everything

When you choose Portsmouth accommodation for the study period you will spend here as a student, discovering a centre that is close to the amenities is important. 

Portsmouth has a lot going for it within the city and one will never have to travel too far to get something they need. From basic foodstuffs to boutique clothing and decent restaurants or cheap take-away snacks – Portsmouth has it all. 

The accommodation centres in Portsmouth are all close to the main University of Portsmouth and there are plenty of shopping plazas, bars, restaurants and bus routes within walking distance of the student premises.

Onsite Amenities

There are many amenities within the accommodation blocks too. At UniLife there are plenty of really useful things to do on site. Wi-Fi is free and available throughout and there are laundry rooms, television areas and games rooms. 

Choice is another factor to look out for when deciding where to stay when you are about to study in Portsmouth. At UniLife there are three or four different styles of room. Each will come with a separate tariff and the availability of a double room is a real draw for students who happen to have a regular partner. 

Double rooms are available for students where their partner can live in and share the cost of the accommodation. Usually, a private landlord renting out to students will insist that both parties actually be registered at the local university. At UniLife, we do not.