Who Am I?

Are you living the life you choose? Or is life choosing you? I fear the latter is true for most of us. For too many, lives are lived at the behest of someone else’s priorities and goals, in pursuit of someone else’s calling.And parents should recognize their own boundaries of telling versus nurturing.

Teach children to know who they really are; know where they are heading; encourage them to use their knowledge; to help people; teach them to do the right thing in difficult times, this is the greatest advice I can offer my readers.

Show Courage

I worked in a finance job in a capital city, a place with more concrete and little greenery yet I left the city and came back to my home town to live the life I wanted. People around me wanted to choose a life for me but I realized as a young-man that I had a choice. I made that choice.Today; I live the life that I wanted. My advice to parents is, let children live the life and career they vision. There path is their choice.

Be of Significant Service.

Our tutors are trained to nurture children to become the everlasting positive energy in someone else’s mind. Teach children to be the person that provides that highest expression of service to others. Advise them, when they are excellent in service, they will stand out, and they will become an unforgettable force.Being remembered in the memories of people is the greatest satisfaction and that comes if they love what they do. Excellence in service does not mean children should dismiss their needs.Teach them to start with fulfilling their needs first and that stability will allow them to be of service to others and a force for good.

Our tutors in Bradford are trained to look for the interest of the pupils. They are always reminded that these are the most important years in their lives and the decisions they make will impact later life. We are testimony that providing excellence in service to others gets recognized as they leave a lasting memory in pupils and parents lives.

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